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Advanced XML Converter makes HTML, SQL, XLS, CSV, DBF files from XML
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11 April 2012

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Programmers and developers often keep looking for a competent tool to convert their XML files into HTML, XLS, DBF, or such other formats. In order to find a good one, they keep surfing through vast pool of websites over the internet, and at times end up with uselessly complicated application in hand. Well, if you’re also seeking a good XML converter utility, then Advanced XML Converter 2.04 truly worth to be tried out. It sports a simple interface that facilitates conversion of XML files to SQL, HTML, DBF, CSV, and XLS formats, conveniently. It scans XML file, counts single-type subtags, and lets you select the output file content, format properties, helps you analyze data, and retains the data structure.

The Advanced XML Converter 2.04 presents you with a simple interface where you can easily carry out the conversion process. For commencing the process you would’ve to load your XML file with the program that is placed on the left. The file is displayed with expandable tree view, where it consists of two branches; Structure and Records. Structure presents the data like ID, ID Structure, Field Type, Field Name, etc, and Records displays ID Records, and other recorded data included within the selected XML file. The program also lets you view the data at right side console area in different modes for which it has provided Nodes tree view, Global tables view and Flat table view. Now, you can Export the tables to html, csv, xls, or other supported format, along with selecting all tables to one output file or every table to own output file, select output destination, alter format related options, and finally press convert to get the task done. It even supports batch conversion of several XML files by loading the entire folder, into desired output format. In addition, Options feature lets you enable/disable different toolbars and set different features relating output formats.

Using the Advanced XML Converter 2.04 XML files can be converted efficiently without sacrificing the quality and structure of the data contained in it. The program delivers consistent performance and quality output, for which it has deservingly been given 3.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

Advanced XML Converter has a simple interface for converting XML files into HTML, SQL, CSV, DBF and XLS formats with ease. The software scans an XML file and counts single-type subtags. It allows selecting the content of an output file choosing from the found subtags. You can also set various formatting properties for a produced file. If you need to analyze some data from an XML file, then Advanced XML Converter is the right solution to make the process go quicker and provide you with a comfortable computational experience.
To present organized data properly, Advanced XML Converter uses parsing, analyzing the structure of the programming language. It takes away programming data and puts single-type subtags in order, delivering a clear structure of a text. You can select the elements of data you want to see in the output file choosing from the given subtags. It is easily done with drag-n-drop and sorting features. The structure of an output file is seen in the preview window, so you will know the way it looks like instantly. The utility has the options for changing various properties of an output file. Create exactly what you need in a blink of an eye!
Advanced XML Converter will also come in handy for those who prefer to research data in Microsoft Office. The tool can turn XML files into XLS format, supported by Microsoft Excel. This useful feature will help you to arrange your data in a commonly used spreadsheet style and quickly transfer data between MS Office applications.
Use Advanced XML Converter to turn XML files of any length and complexity into convenient for reading HTML, CSV, DBF and XLS formats. With its user-friendly interface, you will go through the conversion process in a simple mouse-click manner within just a few moments. You can also set the software as a default program for opening XML files to be able to look through them at once. Advanced XML Converter will be of much help in dealing with statistics data by arranging information in a table
Advanced XML Converter
Advanced XML Converter
Version 2.35
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Charles Hackman
Tried this on a large XML file recognised OK by Excel 2007.with a couple of thousand records with about 20 fields per record. Unfortunately, dialect was misinterpreted so that not all fields could be shown.
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